If you watch the local news and weather on TV, you'll hear them often talk about how high the pollen count is.  Fact of the matter, seasonal allergies, especially living in a valley like we do where allergens and pollutants just seemingly hang in the air, are killer for many people including me.  I used to have days where I could barely work due to being overwhelmed with the allergy symptoms.  In a job like mine, where the main tool is all from the neck up, suffering from allergies makes it really tough sometimes.  A few years back I got turned onto the neti pot, or sinus rinse.  Here's a picture of mine.


I have one at home and in my desk at work.  I rinse twice per day, or more if I'm out running or cutting the lawn when allergy season is in full effect.  I'm not endorsing any particular brand of these sinus rinse kits, as there are several different ones available at your local pharmacy in the aisle with the allergy meds.   Since I began using the sinus rinse, I"m rarely troubled by allergies and haven't had a sinus infection in that time either.  I've posted a video as to how the sinus rinse works.  One important thing though is if you decide to use one of these products, do not use plain tap water.  Tap water has lots of bacteria and that obviously isn't good. Boil the water first or use distilled water only.  Now, check out how I stay free from most symptoms of seasonal allergies in the video below. The process may seem a bit gross at first, but it works!