How would you like to win a contest that send you to the NFL game of your choice and we pick up the tab?

That's what's up for grabs with the Big Game Getaway. The contest doesn't begin until September 12, but we want to get it implanted in your thoughts early. Here's what you can win with the Big Game Getaway!


****Two tickets to the NFL game of your choice between October 31 (week 9 of the NFL season) to December 5, 2013 (week 14 of the NFL season). If you win you must provide a minimum of three week’s notice upon of NFL game selected.

**** We cover your Round-trip, coach airfare for two people from the closest major airport near the you, to the closest major airport near the stadium of the home team that you selected for the game. So if you're a Packers fan, don't count of flying into the Green Bay Airport. More like Milwaukee

****We also won't make you sleep on the street. You get single room, double occupancy hotel accommodations for two days and one night.

****And if you win you get other perks like $300 cash to be used for transportation (to and from the airport, hotel and game) and meals.

So keep listening to 103GBF and keep checking this space for your chance to win with the the Big Game Getaway on 103GBF, brought to you by Moore Music on Morgan Ave.!