The Newburgh Civitan Zombie Farm is celebrating 40 years of terror! These days it's hard to imagine a business being successful enough to last for 40 years...especially a seasonal attraction like this. The Zombie Farm longevity really speaks to the quality of the attraction and the people that organize it each year.

There are so many cool things about the Zombie Farm, and I'm not even talking about the attraction itself. I'm talking about the fact that it is organized and operated each year by Junior and Senior members of the Newburgh encourages young people to get involved and to get creative...and the money raised is used by the Civitans and other area charities.

So now that you know all that, don't you want to head to Newburgh and get the crap scared out of you? Don't worry, if you have young ones (or you're a big wimp like me), they do have "no scare" times to enjoy the haunted house in addition to the full blown "scare your face off" version. The Zombie Farm is open Thursday-Sunday from now until November 2nd. Check out their site for times and ticket prices.

Save yourself a few bucks and register to win a pair of tickets to the Zombie Farm. We have a whole bunch of tickets, so that means we're gonna have a bunch of winners. You could be one!