The pick-up line…a tactic used by single men around the world in an effort to with the affection of some young lady. The perception is that more times than not women are turned off, or even offended by a pick-up line. But is that really the case?

There is no doubt that pick-up lines are goofy and cheesy – I think that’s where the charm lies. Here we have a couple young men delivering some of the very cheesiest pick-up lines ever, and you might be surprised by the results.

As you can see, those guys are pretty average, run of the mill fellas, and the girls they’re talking too are pretty cute. So why do they seem to have success more times than not? Perhaps it’s a generational thing. Are young women today more freewheeling and open to this type of approach. Maybe they appreciate the bravery it takes to actually say these lines to someone. Who knows?

Maybe if you’re heading out tonight you can try out of few of these lines yourself – it might just work for you. Good luck!