Tomorrow is the day we've been waiting for. No longer will our television viewing be interrupted with old people telling us they're scared some dude is going to leave them naked, hungry, and cold if he is elected. 

Early voting wrapped up this past Friday in Vanderburgh county, and the number of those who voted exceeded the amount who did in 2008. However there are a few people out there who are planning on voting tomorrow or haven't decided whether or not to vote.

I always had a plan to find someone in line who was voting for the other guy, then leave since our votes will cancel out. Since that's an uncomfortable conversation to have while in line to vote (not to mention the laws it violates), its probably a good idea to go ahead and vote anyway. Here's why:

1) IT'S EASY - Seriously. Have you used a smart phone, or a touch screen? Then you are more than qualified to vote. Polling places also make accommodations to those who are physically disabled.

2) VOTING CENTERS - You don't even have to go to your neighborhood's polling place (in Evansville at least). You can stop by any voting center, and as long as your registered, you can vote!

3) DO YOU PAY TAXES? VOTE! - I don't know who that FICA person is, but they jacking my check each pay period. I might as well have a say on who spends it.

4) YOU CAN COMPLAIN - Don't like how things are going and didn't vote? Then you really don't have a reason to complain at all. Plus this helps you avoid blame if the person you didn't vote for messes up.

5) IF YOU CAN VOTE FOR AMERICAN IDOL, YOU CAN VOTE FOR PRESIDENT - More people vote for the next pop artist who we will have to listen to over and over again, than vote for the leader of our country. Although if the Presidential election was ran the same way, the auditions would get way more interesting.

I may not agree with your political stance, and you may not agree with mine, but we have a right to vote. If you don't exercise that right, that is your own problem. But rather than creating problems, we should create solutions. T Rav for President in 2020!

But lets all agree that it will be great to see ads selling me something I don't need once again (wait, would a political ad still qualify).