I thought it was strange when my power went off this morning a few minutes before 8am. We never have issues with our power on the north side. It wasn't the hot weather was it? Certainly not...the heat wave has broken. Then on my way to work I discovered why we had no power.

I'm pretty sure the picture to the left is the culprit. I'm not sure exactly what happened. Obviously someone, or something ran into this pole pretty hard. As you can see, the pole is hanging out over Kratzville Rd, just north of Allens Lane. There were still wires and cables and metal strung across the road when I got to it. I took this picture about 5 minutes after the power went out, so it was still a fresh scene. I didn't see any other cars or anything that would indicate what would happen. All I know is it took out power for a good chunk of the north side and even into to the west side.