I awoke the other morning and noticed all of our digital clocks were flashing. Obviously, at some point in the night, our power had gone off. Certainly not the end of the world, but I was slightly curious about the cause, considering we had really nice weather the day/night before.

The rest of my family noticed this as well. Apparently it happened on more than one occasion and woke up my kids during the overnight. Again, that’s nothing really out of the ordinary – nothing that required any further investigation or discussion. I went about my morning, got ready and came on in to work (I might have ridden my bike that day).

When I got that evening, my family couldn’t wait to show me something. As my wife led me outside she said “Are you prepared to see something kinda sad?” I thought perhaps something was wrong with the house – something that would require money or effort on my part. That would make me sad. Instead, this is what I saw.

It’s a large bird of prey of some sort. The more we look at it the more we think it might be an owl. It’s certainly not something you see every day (unless you’re a nocturnal bird watcher). It appears as though the bird’s head got stuck in the wires somehow. You can see one foot hanging down while the other foot is also on one of the wires.

I can’t imagine this thing flew into the wires…right? I mean owls hunt at night and they’re equipped to see in the dark. So how the hell did this happen? Was it standing on the wires and somehow got tangled up and then electrocuted? Not only is it really sad to see such a cool looking animal in that situation, but it is always quite perplexing.

Now we have to figure out what the hell to do next? It’s up too high for us to get – plus it’s tangled up in live wires, so we’re not gonna mess with it. I can’t imagine animal control would want to get near power lines either. We ended up calling Vectren. It was after hours, so we had to leave a message. And that is where this sad story ends…for now. Anyone have any suggestions of what else we could do?