Foxy Shazam's first radio single "I Like It" is climbing the charts nationwide and it;s for good reason. It's got a funky groove, a Led Zep riff and Queen-like background vocals. It's fun, eclectic and adventerous...things that music rarely seems to be these days.

About the band, they are fronted by Eric Nally, singer and founding member of this rabble-rousing pack of freaks they call Foxy Shazam. The other five members are (in alphabetical order): Daisy (bass) Aaron McVeigh (drums), Alex Nauth (horns) Loren Turner (guitar) and Sky White (piano).

The band is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and The band name Foxy Shazam came from a saying in school meaning, “cool shoes.” If you had cool shoes kids would say those are “foxy shazam.”

The video for "I Like It" is like something out of a Quentin Tarantino flick. Give it a view, won't ya?