That question has been asked of me often. Does Alice In Chains have an opening act, and if so...who is it?

Well, this Wednesday night at the Centre, kicking off our 103GBF Damn Loud Rock Show is the band O'Brother.


This band from Atlanta, Georgia made walls of sound. The band made its debut in 2006 with the "In Comparison To Me" EP, followed in 2009 by the "Death of Day" EP, which was the first release to feature the full lineup of Tanner Merritt, Johnny Dang, Michael Martens, and Anton Dang. Tirelessly touring, O'Brother eventually settled back down to commit the new material they had been developing to tape (Notice the word "tape" which equals analog, not digital. Very Throwback), and in 2011 O'Brother released their first full-length, Garden Window, through Triple Crown Records.  Find out more about O'Brother on their website by clicking here

Here's the band's latest video for the song "Lo".