As I've grown older, I've had to work harder at things like keeping the weight off and eating healthy.  In 2001, I was a whopping 309 lbs.  That was the heaviest I've ever been.  These days I'm about 230, thanks to a big lifestyle change and that includes my diet.  While I haven't eaten red meat in several years, I seem to remember a day When I could eat 4 or so burgers from a place Like Zesto, The Big Top Drive In or The Dairy Bar in Henderson.  Places like those used to be my favorite places to chow.  Burgers, milk shakes, fries or onion rings.  That's the kind of stuff those joints specialize in...and they do it well.   I also love them because they are locally owned and each have their own personality of sorts.  So... where's your favorite local place to eat.