It's officially summer! That's means vacation time right? And what if you feel like getting freak-nasty on your vacay? Where's the best place to knock boots? Well according to this video from Funny or Die, the best place to have vacation sex is in someone else's bed...while they are away on vacation. Just make sure you're outta there before they come back home, or this could happen to you.

I knew this video was gonna be good before I even watched it. First of all, you can go wrong with Rob Riggle. All he ever does is yell...but he's funny! Then you've got Kathryn Hahn as his wife. She had a memorable role in Step Brothers and The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. On top of that you add two folks from one of my favorite shows on TV, and you can't miss. Jake Johnson and Lizzy Caplan both star on Fox's New Girl (Johnson is a really dude).