Ever since the conception of the new downtown arena project began, I have found myself being more and more of an inside observer.  After all, initial plans for the arena included building it where I am sitting right at this moment, typing this to you.  From the start, engineers and architects were coming here on a frequent basis to talk to my General Manager about the city's plans to take our space as well as our neighbors at D Patrick Downtown.  Once my boss explained FCC guidelines and how it would be up to the city to cover our expense to move without interrupting the broadcast of our 5 stations here at Town Square Media Evansville, the planners seemed to start reworking the design of the arena to build it where it sits today. 

Initially, the website http://www.evansvillearenaproject.com/ showed a floor plan that displayed the layout for hockey.  After all, a big selling point to the public was that the new arena would mean a better place for The Evansville Icemen pro hockey team to play.  Now,  there's a question whether the team will be part of a deal with management company VenuWorks that will allow them to use the facility.  It's all about rent and other various costs incurred for such usage of the venue.  Reports are that a contract will be finalized today that will either include, or exclude The Icemen.  I truly hope they get this hammered out so The Iceemen can play in this arena that was somewhat designed with them in mind.  Whether you were behind building the new downtown arena or not, it's here, it's reality and the more we can do to support it's functions the stronger it makes out community.  That's my 2 cents...what's yours?  Do you give a puck?