Tomorrow on "Phone Topic Tuesday" between 1p and 4p we're gonna talk about what is your favortie smart phone app?   I know I assume too much when I believe that most people have smart phones these days.  While I know that's not true, cuz I recently got an iPhone myself after all this time living without something I now think that I can't live without!  Make sense?  I could not imagine life without a smart phone.  I use it so much for work, information, communication and entertainment. 

Tomorrow during "Phone Topic Tuesday" I invite you to call in and tell me about what smart phone app you like best.  I just downloaded one over the weekend that has brought me great joy.  I'm a big geek for cop shows and anything police related, even though it would be hard to imagine myself being a cop.  Too much previous law breaking in my younger years, y'see?  Anyway, I downloaded this free app called "5-0 Radio".  It allows you to listen to police scanner broadscasts all across the globe.  I spent time over the weekend listening to police scanner audio from Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and other major metropolitan areas.  The most fun was listen to local scanner channels, like Madisonville, Owensboro and Evansville.  Some of the local stuff was funny, like a dispatch to the Sidetrack Tavern for a woman who was passed out!  Back in my drinking days, I stopped in the Sidetrack once or twice, so I was getting a kick out of the visual I was imagining. 

I also have a couple of Chicago Cubs apps that keep me updated on the facts and rumors surrounding my favorite sports team.     

So what's "Your" favotite smart phone app?  Call in During "Phone Topic Tuesday" which is oddly enough sponsored by iPhone Todd on S. Kentucky Ave!