I host this lil' radio show called "Loudwire Reloaded" that airs Saturday night on 103GBF and on Rock Stations across the nation like these. This weekend is going to not only feature a countdown of the "Loudwire Lucky 13", the Top 13 Rock songs in America, also, I'll be featuring some great songs that tie into features at Loudwire.com, like a chance to win a signed copy of the Pantera 'Far Beyond Driven' 20th anniversary CD + a T-shirt!  SO you know I'm gonna be crankin' up some Pantera!

I'll also debut new Songs from Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica to play, and I'll have Brent Smith of Shinedown on the show, talking about his "Smith and Myers" project and how it was difficult getting the rights to cover certain songs, like the one in the video below.  Tune in as Brent explains

"Loudwire Reloaded" is brought to you by Menard's. Join me Saturday night at 8 central on 103GBF. Listen live here..