Occasionally, when I"m out in public doing a live remote or appearance, I without fail have one person come up and ask me why we don't play (insert death meatal/hardcore band here). I tell then that indeed we do play that song that sounds like the guy singing uses battery acid for mouthwash. I tell them to tune in 103GBF Saturday night's at 10 for FULL METAL JACKIE!Jackie fiulls us in as to what's happening on FMJ this week.

"DAVID VINCENT - the singer of Morbid Angel co-hosts the show with me and picks some tunes. We will play new music from Machine Head, As I Lay Dying and Megadeth, also get to classics from Sepultura, Slayer, Voivod and more!"

Full Metal Jackie is part of The Circus, Saturday night at 10 after Melissa Awesome on 103GBF.

Check out FMJ online at http://fullmetaljackieradio.com/