Every Saturday night at 8 on 103GBF, I host Loudwire Reloaded, a two hour show that features a countdown of the 13 best new rock songs of the past week,we call that the "Loudwire Lucky 13"!  I've also got the winner of the Loudwire Reloaded Airplay Poll, a song selected by your votes at Loudwire.com, and I also feature songs that are tied into the content at Loudwire.com as well.

This Saturday, hear Loudwire's pick for the #1 Rock song of 2013 as well as the pick for #1 Metal song of the past year. Hear what DMC of Run DMC does to Pop Evil's song "Trenches", and on the show this week is my interviews with Michael Poulson of Volbeat and Phil LaBonte of All That Remains.  Hope you'll joine me Saturday night at 8, for "Loudwire Reloaded", which is coast to coast on THESE stations.

In honor of Phil LaBonte being on the show and not cursing at me, here's the new video for All That Remains, "What If I Was Nothing".