I realize of course, that most of us no longer use cassette tapes, but there is certainly a sweet nostalgia in the perfect mix tape.

Photo: Craig Pitman

With the passing of the recent day of flowers and proclamations of love, I started reminiscing of the days of making the perfect mix tape for that special someone. Of course there are plenty of other great - and dare I say better - reasons to make a mix tape. There's of course the "I'm Hopelessly In Love" tape, the "My Heart is Broken" tape, & of course, the "Let's Have a Party" tape. My favorite mix tape is the "Road Trip" tape. Here are 5 of the tracks that would be on my ultimate road trip mix tape.

Pantera "Walk"

This is a road trip, so let's kick it off right.

White Zombie "Thunderkiss 65"

Watch your speed. This has been known to make me drive fast.


Ministry "Jesus Built My Hotrod"

If we weren't breaking the speed limit yet, we will be now.


Static-X "Dirthouse"

Can you feel the wind in your hair yet?


Faith No More "Epic"

Because you want it all... but you can't have it.


What would be on your ultimate mix tape?