You may have seen other drive-thru prank videos from this guy...he's done the floating money trick, the shock trick, and now the invisible driver trick. The reactions from those working the drive-thru is priceless.

This is the second video showing reactions to this prank, so let me fill you in just in case you missed the setup from the first video. The man behind these videos created a special costume thingy that looks exactly like the driver's seat in his car. So this allows him to actually be in the car, driving it, without being seen. So when he rolls up to the window to pay or get his food, it appears as though the car is driving itself.

Some folks realize they are being pranked, and they acknowledge that it's a cool trick. Others though, the really fun ones, are really freaked out by what they see. Some are even too scared to get too close to the window and the "haunted" car.

You gotta take a few minutes and watch.