Each and every Friday starting at 2pm, I open up the phone lines at 1-888-900-WGBF and invite you to call in and do some bitchin'! What makes you say "What The F???"

Here's a few of mine:

Handicapped plates, sticker and parking. Are you fat because you're handicapped, or are you handicapped because you're fat? WTF??

Scooters. If you listen to me often enough you know I think scooters are for kids to ride until they get their license. I had a moped when I was 14-15. It was fun. Grownups do not look cool on a scooter. Chances are they are riding one because they have multiple DUI's and have lost their license. Ok, so you have to get around, I understand that. Obey the rules of the road like everybody else. If you're a hip hop wanna be with your baggy ass jeans and your hat cocked to the side...don't worry, you do not look cool riding a scooter as hard as you may try.

Smoking while riding a bicycle...WTF? Try and squeeze some fresh air in your lungs while you're doing cardio. Chances are if you see someone riding a bike smoking and without a helmet, they have also lost their license but can't afford a scooter.

Bad Tattoos. Wanna save money by having some scratcher tat you up in the kitchen of his trailer? GO for it. If he/she were good at what they do, they would be working in a professional shop...we have plenty of good ones around. That sh*tty tattoo you got for free stays around for life. Enjoy!

I could go on, but I think I've said my piece.

"WTF Friday" today at 2, brought to you by Good Tymes Gifts and Smoke Shop on Covert at Weinbach.