Way to go Tri-State! Way to come out in a big way and support the 103GBF Damn Loud Rock Show on Tuesday night! I was lucky enough to get up on stage to say a few words to the crowd of about 8,000 people. You can see what I saw!

I've been doing radio for about 20 years and I think that's the biggest crowd I've been able to talk to. How cool is that man?! We need that kind of fan support for every rock show that comes to town. That's how you get MORE rock shows to come to town.

It was a great night of music! P.O.D. definitely got the crowd warmed up and ready to go. Shinedown showed why they are one of the best (and busiest) live acts out there. And Five Finger Death Punch shut the Ford Center down!

I had the chance to take some winners backstage to meet both Shinedown and 5FDP, and for what it's worth, both bands couldn't have been any nicer. They are so accommodating and grateful to all the fans.

Check out some more pics I took last night.

Waiting to go on stage while P.O.D. plays "Alive"

Backstage with Shinedown

Backstage with Five Finger Death Punch