You gotta give these kids at least a little credit for using a bit of knowledge about how electricity works...what will and won't shock you. I don't suppose you need me to tell you that this video ends with the kids getting zapped do you?

If you have a basic understanding of electricity then you know that even if you're holding an electric current, as long as you aren't grounded, you won't get zapped. These kids demonstrate that by standing on items that are not conductors of electricity. I'll admit that even though I know that, I would still be nervous (as they are) to make that first connection.

Once they get four kids lined up, pumping juice through all of them, they decide to demonstrate what happens when you touch something/someone that IS grounded. The reaction is absolutely awesome! There is no way you could time their collective "ahhhh" any more perfectly. Once they all feel the current, they all let go in perfect unison.

Science at work!