I've said it before, I'll say it again right now, and I will continue to say it until my final breath...there are two things in this world that will NEVER be NOT funny...a dog pooping and a dog humping something. It is always funny!

Here we have a couple of ladies who somehow figured out what their pooch likes to do when left alone at home. They decided to try and capture this activity of video...and they were successful. Now when you think of things a dog will do when left alone, you probably think of making a big 'ol mess, or you think of making sweet doggy love to some inanimate object. Thankfully this dog has chosen the latter.

This fella can't wait to be left alone with those sexy pillows. They've been giving him the eye all day, and tonight my man is gonna make his move. Those pillows have been asking for it, and now they're gonna get it! You'll notice that this horn dog does not discriminate either...getting freak nasty with both the white AND black pillow.

So now I give you permission to giggle like a 9-year old...in fact, I'd be disappointed if you didn't giggle.