While everyone is commenting on the latest changes to Facebook announced yesterday by its head Mark Zuckerberg, for radio personalities who've made this network a big part of their daily shows, these changes hit home more than for most. As a radio friend of mine said "Here is how I see it: Facebook is run by young, recently out of college, progressive people who embrace change. Yet Facebook is mostly used by people in their 30's and 40's who hate and fear change. It is a clashing of generations. To those freaking out about the changes: It's not like they put you in a higher tax bracket or burnt your house down. Reality check: Facebook is free!! If this is the worst thing that happens to you today then you are blessed!!!" Another radio comrade of mine stated; "I think we can all learn a lesson from the Facebook Fiasco. If you are thinking about making a change on your show, be it a new show member or changing a benchmark, make sure to give your listeners a heads up and plenty of time to prepare for it. People go to Twitter, Facebook, Netflix for certain reasons and when you make changes to something that most people feel like it already works and are comfortable with the product, it's a big shock especially when you change it without informing your clients or listeners."

What do you think of the FB changes?  Is it for the better, or worse?  Please feel free to comment.