My man Don Swain. He is the owner of WCCG Photography. He's the guy who shot the 103GBF Hometown Honeys Online Calendar. Believe you me, it was a task and Don is a true pro, so I want to give the man his props.

Don is former member of the military and law enforcement. He worked in security and as a licensed Indiana PI and eventually became a security supervisor and photographer for various strike security contracts due to past experience in military/law enforcement and film photography (prior to joining the military).

Don formed WCCG Photography and started doing “nightclub” photography locally at Woodys as well as for Shane Breedlove’s Karaoke. Worked with Smitten Kitten Products and the Ahh Spa doing event photography (as a photo sponsor) for various charitable events.

Don was also the shutterbug for Guns and Hoses last year and this year.

He then began studio work a few years ago which is what he primarily do these day, offering a mix of family, glamour, and senior work.

Check out DOn's great work here...

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