This dude's name is Tony Swatton and he's a blacksmith. And despite the fact that I probably have more body hair than him, especially on my back (sexy), I think it's safe to say he's manlier than I could ever hope to be. He's gonna show us how to make some seriously badass batarangs that even Bruce Wayne would be proud to throw.

The "Man at Arms" has just a handful of videos that he's thrown up over the past month or so, all of which feature him making some sort of famous bladed object. Check out his YouTube channel if you have a few minutes to kill (and you know you do).

I think you'll agree that what he does and the things he creates are pretty damn cool...but if I'm being honest, this video left me just a we bit disappointed. But not with the his creative process or the finished product or anything like that. No, I was disappointed in the demonstration. See for yourself and tell me what you think.

Those batarangs look badass, and dangerous, right? The cherry on top would be to see one of them thrown into a piece of plywood, or a 2x4, or a watermelon or something...right? Don't throw it through a car window. I could do that with a damn rock. I wanted to see it stick into something!

Still impressive nonetheless.