For everyone that missed out on the 2013 Brewers of Indiana Guild “Summer Brew Fest” because they either forgot there was a beer festival in Indiana, or they simply weren’t interested in driving to Indianapolis just to drink expensive beer out of a shot glass, well, here are the drunken highlights to help you catch up on what you missed.

From what we can tell, it appears as if someone stashed a camera in a high traffic area of the festival and then turned a pack of wild-eyed beer drinkers loose on it in hopes of documenting all of their fiendish behaviors under the influence of some high-powered beers. Mission accomplished!

Honestly, it looks like we missed a good party, full of beers that are difficult to pronounce but will get you drunk enough to make up for the apparent language barrier.

To find out more about the Brewers of Indiana Guild, click here. And make plans to attend the Summer Brew Fest next year. That is unless, of course, this video makes you afraid to be around beer-junkie weirdoes.