It’s always sad news to hear about hoarding situations, especially because an animal hoarder isn't a bad or mean person - they just take in so many strays, they can't properly take care of them. This past week, the Warrick Humane Society has taken in 18 dogs from a Posey County hoarding situation and will take in 13 more when space becomes available.

Owning an animal that comes from a hoarder isn’t always the easiest task. Most are not housebroken, are missing teeth, need medication or aren’t socialized. But, the payoff is that you are truly rescuing a helpless creature who has often times been neglected.

According to Lindsey Byers, WHS Executive Director, “We have taken in 18 dogs this week with more to come when we have room. They all came in covered in their own feces. We need volunteers to help bathe the dogs starting Tuesday at noon. They are mostly Beagle and Terrier mixes. Luckily, they all seem very socialized.”

For information on adoption, volunteering or if you’d like to donate to help these little guys, please visit or call 812-858-1132. WHS is a no-kill shelter.