The legendary establishment known as Gloria's Corral Club at Kratzville Road and Allen Lane recently shut it's doors for good after being in business for over 50 years.

It comes shortly after the announcement that Fast Eddy's in downtown Evansville was also shutting down. Word is Fast Eddy's will remodel (Thank God...those bathrooms - eek!) and rebrand. Gloria's fate is even less vague. It's going up for auction on August 25th.

I had been to Gloria's a few times in my life, but it's not a place I frequented unlike thousands of other tri-state partiers over the years.  In it's heyday It was a lil' too country and a lil' too redneck for my taste.

I remember doing a live remote broadcast for 103GBF there a few years ago. There weren't many partons, and those who were there seemed to be regulars from the neighborhood. Of course, Gloria complained that she "Has more people in the bar when I DON'T advertise!" I've always found that line amusing. Tell people... and no one comes. Say nothing and everyone shows up! What? Ahhh, bar owner logic.

I did a Google search for Gloria's to get some more info for this blog, but sadly, the only two items I found other than the news of the closing, were news stories about fights at the bar - the last being on May 12th.

Guess those people will have to fight somewhere else now.

For more on the auction and the items being put on the block, click here!