Personally, I am not a vodka drinker, but if I had a chance to drink a $3,000 bottle of vodka I'm pretty sure I would learn to love it. It better be worth all the money.

According to website, this rare vodka is made with "water collected from the freezing cold majesty of the Himalayas. The water comes from a special reservoir located 10,000 miles above sea level in Nepal. Stolichnaya claims the mountain range serves as the perfect filter for vodka water since the melted snow runs through several layers of rock making it “some of the most unspoiled in the world.”

On this high priced vodkas website, they break down the entire bottle and why it is shaped in this way.

The case Elit By Stolichnaya comes in is homemade oak box.

If you ever got your hands on some of this you would be drinking like a rock star.