The weather is getting warmer, and gas prices withholding, its the season for road trips. So why not add a few of the ugliest buildings in the US, on your list of landmarks to check out. has published a handy list of some of the ugliest buildings in the country. See more after the jump.

One of the featured buildings is only a couple of hours down the road in Louisville. The architecture is often attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright, but the honor actually goes to his son (the one who missed out on genetics).

In a tribute to the architecture of the 70s, is the city hall of Boston, Massachusetts. I feel its safe to say, what in the hell were they thinking. It looks like something from 1984.

And for the last one I will feature here, we'll go modern. This puke green building is a public school in Los Angeles. It sort of looks like a cheery prison to me. But at that age, isn't school like that?

So what ugly buildings have you seen around town or in the tri-state? Is there anything worthy to add to the list? If so, send me a picture or a location to .

And check out the complete list of ugly buildings HERE on website.