Hey...Halloween is almost here and stuff.   Got a costume? Ideas? An unexplained rash?

Can't help with that last thing but, TV.com has a bunch of ideas for costumes inspired by TV characters. Some are better than others but it beats dressing up like Austin Powers for the eighth year in a row. In addition to ‘The Walking Dead’ (above), you got some more listed after the jump.

‘Glee’s’ Sue Sylvester. Make sure you have a bullhorn too or you just might look like a woman in a tracksuit.

With ‘Park and Recreation’s’ Ron Swanson, it’s all about the mustache. (Luckily a fan-produced Halloween mask is available.)

Howard from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is all about hair too, only on top of the head. Think Pete Rose meets out-of-control Beatle.

To really pull off ‘Jersey Shore’s’ Snooki you have to be the right height, but if you are…

Dexter and his murder victim is the go-to Halloween costume for the discerning couple. Plus, you can choose from plainclothes Miami Metro Dexter, hacking up bodies with blood-splatter helmet Dexter, “stalking his prey” Dexter, etc. Just don’t forget the knife and syringe.



See the rest over at TV.com.