There is nothing more contagious than laughter – aside from STD’s and maybe yawning – but other than that, there is nothing more contagious…right? You get my point, a good laugh is infectious, in the best way.

I was once told by a guest comedian, a long time ago, that I had one of the best laughs he had ever heard. Little did he know it was a fake laugh to make him feel better about his jokes. Little did I know, his compliment was probably fake too – so it all evens out.

There are so many different types of laughs, especially when it comes to the movies. You have the evil/psychotic laugh, the over the top/obviously forced laugh, the uncomfortable/nervous laugh, and the best of them all, the genuine/heartfelt laugh. That real laughter is the one that gets ya. It's hard not to at least giggle when you see someone else, even an actor, truly laughing. Below is a supercut of movies laughs from throughout the decades. This compilation includes some of my favorites: Chet from Weird Science, Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds, Pee Wee Herman, and various Jim Carrey moments. I was surprised to see only one Eddie Murphy clip, and it wasn’t even his trademarked laugh. Still an awesome collection nonetheless.