Years ago a man named Chuck Norris popped up on our pop culture radar as we were fed "true facts" about him and his amazing feats. Thanks to these facts we now know that there is indeed a cure to cancer; it's Chuck Norris's tears. Too bad he doesn't cry. We also learned that he doesn't sleep. He waits.

Well, it seems that after years of Chuck facts, it's time for Mr. Norris to pass the torch on to another deserving individual. Luckily for us youtuber and performance artist Ze Frank decided that it was time for the sweet velvety voice of Mogan Freeman to get some facts of his own.

"When Morgan Freeman makes a documentary film he narrates it first. Then nature makes it so."

"Morgan Freeman goes through four or five microphones a day because his voice turns them into bars of gold."

"Morgan Freeman doesn't have sex. When he smiles a baby simply appears in a field full of kittens."