Here's another scary movie that looks like it might actually be scary. Here's hoping. I can tell you this, it stars Elizabeth Olsen (younger sister to THE Olsen twins)...and it's based on true events. I love when they tell us the movie is "based on true events". I reckon they say that so you'll be more freaked out...and think that something like that could really happen. The fact is, "based on true events" is such a watered down term, I don't think it really means that much anymore.

I really like the concept of scary movies. I like to watch trailers for them...I get excited when I have the chance to see one...and I'm totally cool watching them with some friends. But, honestly, sometimes I just can't pull the trigger and watch one when I'm down in my night. I'll admit it, I'm a big weenie. And that's ok.