The actual quote from Shakespeare's "Hamlet" is:

“To die, to sleep -

To sleep, perchance to dream - ay, there's the rub,

For in this sleep of death what dreams may come...”

Now, I certainly had nothing more than sleep in mind when I thought about writing this. In fact, it's my problems with sleep that inspired this blog. I am one of millions of insomniacs in the world. Starting in my 30's, my sleep quality has gotten worse over the years. Finally, after some trial and error of being giving everything from natural remedies to prescription drugs, I settled on a combination of Lunesta and trazadone to knock me out. Trazadone was once used as an anti depressant, but all it did was make folks fall asleep. Lunesta with their famous 'butterfly' marketing worked well for me, but "with" my insurance it was $65 a month. So, once Ambien went generic I asked my doctor to write me a script and save me about $57 a month.

Ambien is well known for issues like, sleep driving, sleep eating and doing all kinds of weird things in your sleep that you wouldn't normally do.

On my third night of Ambien, I remember being semi-conscious and reaching for a bottle of water on the nightstand. Instead I took a nice swig of my fiancee's:

Well, that woke me up - and quick! I ran to the bathroom to wash my mouth out then to the kitchen to eat some crackers - anything to take the taste out of my mouth. I don't think I swallowed much of the toxin, at least I didn't get sick, thank goodness.

My resolution, take the Ambien and move the fingernail polish remover from anywhere within reach.

Can't wait to wake up some night and find myself driving down the Lloyd. Some on that expressway drive like they are half asleep any way.