This little guy, Titus, is simply amazing! Here he is with his third trick shot video, and it's probably the most impressive yet. It doesn't hurt to include appearances from actors Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper.

So here we see young Titus doing what he has done in the past, making some really cool trick shots - on his toy goal, in and around his house. That's all well and good and impressive considering he still poops his pants. Then Titus really steps up his game - literally. He takes his trick shots out in to the world, and to new heights. Throw in a couple Hollywood A-listers and you have yourself a pretty fun video to watch.

I am impressed by adults that do this type of thing, and if you've ever tried to make a trick shot, you know who difficult it can be. So just keep that in mind while you watch this 2-YEAR OLD KID do it. There is no doubt this kid is special.