If you are under a certain age – let’s say 18 – you’re probably wondering what these are. Or maybe you’re saying “oh yeah, I think I’ve seen one of those things in my dad’s garage.”

Well this thing is called a VCR. Does anyone in the class know what that stands for? That’s right Cody, it stands for Video Cassette Recorder. And before DVD’s and DVR’s, this is how people would record and watch movies. Okay, I’m gonna stop having a conversation with an imaginary class. Sorry Cody.

These dinosaurs of the technology world used to be the shiz, right? But they have been irrelevant for quite some time now (it even seems like their successor, the DVD, might be on the way out too). So imagine my surprise when I saw these bad boys yesterday during our live broadcast at the American Red Cross.

There was a time when students everywhere would rejoice at seeing a cart carrying a VCR and a TV in their classroom. Movie day was awesome! And please tell me you remember breaking off the little tabs on a cassette so no one else could record over your most valuable programs. Here’s one more…anybody else label a cassette something like “Disney’s Greatest Hits” when in reality the tape contained “adult” programming? I would never do that personally, but I know some guys who did. They were bad kids who I would never associate with.

I don't think the impatient, I-want-it-now, generation of young people these days could handle living in a world of VCR's. And I can't believe I just said that. Damn I feel old. I gotta go lay down.