I've known this Hometown Honey for quite a few years now. I used Candice on a 103GBF Billboard a few years back, and she was also one of our station calendar girls. Candice has done a ton of photoshoots, as she is obvously photogenic. She also has done many od "The Gathering" fashion shows to boot. Here's a few lines fromn Candice's Facbook that seem to define this hot lil' brunette!

"For a complicated girl, I'm not that hard to figure out. I'm a very fun, loving, caring person. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Im super outgoing, but can be really quiet and shy at times. I'm open minded to pretty much anything. I would do anything to help anyone out. I'm a full time, single mother to an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL son, Cameron Michael. He is my world, and truly a blessing from God. I'm family oriented. I have some of the most amazing friends and I'm lucky to have them. I've been hurt in every aspect of life and have a hard time trusting people...I tend to push people away before they can get too close. I'm nowhere near perfect...I'm far from it. I've made mistakes throughout my life and continue to make them everyday. I have NO regrets about anything, just lessons learned."

Far from perfect, but close enough for us! Candice, thanks for being this week's 103GBF Hometown Honey!