Saturday night's at 9, it's "Sandman's Rock Show" on 103GBF.  Clever name huh?  Well, there is beauty in simplicity, right?  During this one hour program every Saturday night, I play good ol' hard rock and metal tracks from the late 70's and early to mid-80's.  I try to occasionally dig a little deep and play somethhing from the days back when I worked for KC103, the previous incarnation of what's been called 103GBF for the past 25 years.    Here's a sample of some of the artists I'll be playing this Saturday night at 9. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rush, Golden Earring, Moxy and lots more.   I've posted a video of one of the tunes I'll be playing on the show.  Blackfoot performing 'Train, Train' live in London from 1979.  Enjoy, and I hope you'll tune into the show.