Well, this week I've planned my playlist by request.  I put a post on my Facebook page on Tuesday and let you request a song for the show tomorrow night at 9.  Here's what we've got, thanks to you!

  • Rush for Bobby
  • Stillwater for Dad
  • Ted for Reagan
  • The Outlaws for Natasha
  • AC/DC for Michelle and also Will
  • Great White for Buddy
  • Tesla for Tracy
  • Aerosmith for Naomi
  • UFO for Jim
  • Whitesnake for Shannon

Maybe I can squeeze in more, but those are good for sure.  So thank you for helping me plan my show.  Again, "Sandman's Rock Show" happens every Saturday night at 9pm on 103GBF, live online at www.103gbfrocks.com or on your smart phone with the RadioPup app you can download on our website.   Here's a video preview of one of the songs I'm playing,  Rush "The Trees"