I'm actually teetering between those two options. I am easily impressed and amazed by folks that can do parkour...and I easily get motion sickness from first person videos like this. As much as I would like to watch this whole thing, I just can't do it.

How wimpy, right? I've been cursed with this affliction my entire life. I've never really been able to do roller coasters (ask my family about my experience on Space Mountain last year)...I even have a hard time riding in the back seat of cars. And probably the thing that bums me out the most is the fact that I can't play first-person video games. I've tried, but I just end up feeling lousy, and that sucks.

And on top of all the stuff I just mentioned, I am also afraid of heights. So those factors make this video quite the doozy for me to watch. Hopefully you can watch and enjoy this clip more than me.