I'll admit I am not the biggest gamer in the world (not even close). I don't own a fancy gaming system, just a Wii from about 2005. And even if I did, I couldn't play the cool games...first-person shooters almost make me vomit. But back in the day I was all about some Mortal Kombat!

Many an hour were killed back in college while my roommates and I played MK, at first on the Sega and then on the Super NES. Am I showing my age here? Regardless, I had a blast playing it. Me and my buddies all went to the theater to see the MK movie. It was a big deal.

Even though I don't any of the various game versions anymore, I still have a special place in my heart for Mortal Kombat. So I'm always curious when I see some sort of MK video online. I honestly don't know how I found this video, it was situations when you go to YouTube for something and then five clicks later you are watching something else totally unrelated. Anyhoo, I found this. It's two classic MK characters (Jax and Shang Tsung) duking it out in a hand-drawn flipbook, along with the classic audio and SFX.  It's really impressive. Hope you enjoy.