I can speak from experience on this topic, from both sides actually. I'm not saying I have been a pretentious performer or a vindictive sound guy, but I certainly understand the relationship between the two. The moral here is don't anger the person who is supposed to make you sound good.

I've never had the studio experience like the d-bags in the video below, but I have been a "performer" of some sort for most of my life. I did choir and musicals throughout middle school and high school, I've been doing this radio thing for the past 17 years, and I'm alos the lead singer of the worship band at my church (doing 3 services each weekend). So I'm no stranger to the stage, and in turn, relying on someone to turn me up, turn me down, add some reverb, etc. I am fully aware that if I rub them the wrong way, the sound person could make my experience less than enjoyable.

And I also understand the power that I have as the guy who has been behind the board for a long, long time. Again, I've never been a producer in a recording studio, but I have been in control of my fair share of interviews, in-studio performances, etc. Have I ever intentionally messed up someone's performance? Not that I can recall. If I did mess it up, it was because of sheer incompetence on my part. Ha!

Here we see what happens when a "hard core" band messes with the wrong guy producing their song and video. The result is hilarious!