As the longtime Brand Manager of the legendary 103GBF I get tons of e-mail soliciting everything you can imagine. Sometimes it seems like 'every' vendor out there has my addy. Jingles and music services for the radio station, interview opportunities with someone who has written a book no one cares about and really bizzare stuff like this e-mail I got promoting interviews with the people who run the website .

This website dramatically sells itself with language like this; "Someone Died In Your Home? It's an Important Question! tells you whether someone was "murdered in your living room, cut their wrists in their bathtub, or was stabbed in your bedroom. Interview the creators of this cutting edge site heard and seen nationally on radio, and TV."Only 3 states require a seller to tell you if someone Died In Your House!  So, that home you're buying, apartment you're renting.. all.could have a dark history."

I gotta tell you...if someone Died In My House, I really don't want to know.

If you do, be warned, the information on this website isn't free.  You could probably find the same info at the city hall archives.

Seems to me, this website is a gruesome way to make a buck. Judge for yourself.