By definition, this is a perfect prank. It is "a trick of an amusing or playful nature." It's all in good-spirited fun, and no one gets hurt, offended or pissed off.

And now if you'd allow me to get completely side-track for a minute. I had no idea that there was an additional definition of the word prank. Apparently prank can also be used as a verb, as in to dress or adorn in an ostentatious manner. Knowing that, let's try to work the verb prank into a sentence sometime this week. Here's an example..."I'm gonna get pranked out in my snazziest duds for that Oakridge Boys concert this weekend."

Now back to this particular prank (a noun). You'll see that the actual execution of the prank is flawless. I really like the way "the chair" doesn't just go with the old fashioned "boo" approach. Instead he says things like "who's sitting on me?" I giggled. Hope you do too. Check it out.