In the time I have had a Facebook page, the site went from college student exclusive to a free-for-all. And now the monster that Zuckerberg created is being used by many entities all in the name of marketing. However, there are a few places that I think shouldn't have a social media presence.

  • 1

    Snack Foods

    Chips, candy, soda, etc. Is there a need for status updates about junk food? Will not knowing what Little Debbie is up to at any given time keep me up at night. Unless you're giving me free junk food, I don't care (listen up Taco Bell).

  • 2

    Car Washes

    Today, they washed cars. Tomorrow, they'll wash cars. The next day it rained so they washed no cars. That is how I imagine the timeline for a car wash.

  • 3


    What type of contest could they run? Show us your cavities (or lack thereof)? Or they could run a poll asking if people just squeeze the tube or roll it up? Either way, I don't care.

  • 4

    Toilet Paper

    Really? Does THAT need its own Facebook page? Do they offer wiping suggestions? You know what, I don't want to know.

  • 5


    The idea that spurred this post. I was driving in a seedy neighborhood when I passed a run-down laundromat. The sign proudly proclaimed (with letters missing of course) 'Become Our Friend On Facebook'. No thanks, janky laundromat.