I have gone to the Fall Festival Every. Single. Year. since I was a baby. But despite this, there are still some "classic" Fall Fest foods I've never tried.


I, as well as all of you I assume, have "go to" foods at the Fall Festival. Foods you HAVE to eat EVERY year. Mine are beignets, pizza burgers, chicken and dumplins, deep fried mac n' cheese, and deep fried oreos. I ALWAYS have to eat these things. They're like my Fall Fest comfort foods.


Chynna Hall


(Beinget? I think you mean bein-YAY.)



But since I like those things and eat them every year...It kind of became routine to JUST eat those things every year. Occasionally I'd eat something else like a stromboli, or amish friendship bread, a funnel cake, or toasted ravioli, but those are just foods. They aren't Fall Fest foods. They aren't foods that you only see once a year.



Chynna Hall


(How do you say "no" to that? If I stare at this picture long enough I swear I can actually taste it in my mouth...IS IT MONDAY YET??)


So I'm expanding my boring food horizons and actually tying some classic Fall Festival food this year. Last year I tried some new things and I'm already looking forward to having them in my mouth again next week (I'm looking at you Grilled Chizza and Waffle on a Stick...)


Chynna Hall



(It's a waffle...dipped in chocolate...ON A STICK...AND THERE ARE OTHER FLAVORS TOO.)


But here is the list of Fall Festival food that I have NEVER had...(You might want to sit down for this...):



-Monster Ears

-Elephant Ears/Tears/Toes

-Texas Tenderloin

-Any jerky.

-Brain Sandwich

-Those candies with the bugs in them.


That's what I can think of off the top of my head. I feel like if I make that list any longer you'll just become more disappointed with me. Esspecially considering that I've lived on the West Side practically my entire life. I LIVE by the Fall Festival and I still have NEVER tried those things. I have no excuse. I'm disappointed in MYSELF at this point...


What are some Fall Festival foods that YOU think are "classic" that I should try next week? Maybe I can redeem myself.