So a couple of times per month I'm profiling a popular, area tattoo parlor. It gives the potential client such as yourself a chance to find out more about a shop you may be looking at to do your tats and or piercings.

This week, It's Q&A with Shane Klos, young badass artist and along with his pop Shad, is one of the owners of Revolution Ink on East Morgan Ave.

 1) When and where did you first begin tattooing?

I began tattooing in 2010 and helped open and apprenticed at Revolution Ink Studio.

 2) Who are some of your main influences, then and now.

My main influences are Russ Abbott, Timmy B, Nick Baxter, Kelly Dotty, Dave Tevenal, Grime and any other traditional/neo traditional/illustrative artists.

 3) What’s different this time about your shop that sets you apart from others.

We (Revolution Ink Studio) focus on our clients and our artwork and try to have a strong connection with each and every person that comes in. We treat our clients with Respect and try to educate them in all ways possible so they can get a rad tattoo that they will be proud of. Most importantly we want our clients to have an awesome experience.

4) What are some misconceptions about tattoos and the process of tattooing.

There is a lot of misconceptions about tattooing just because of how anybody nowadays can pick up some machines and pigment and start tattooing. People need to be educated on what a good tattoo is and sterile environments/procedures that take place. Gotta be safe!

5) How much do you enjoy designing art for someone’s tattoo as opposed to someone bringing you a pre made design or photo they want inked on.

I love to draw and vibe with the client to create something original! Im not into copying stuff that people bring in, unless its sentimental or they have a good reason they want it.

6) What’s a ‘scratcher”, and what is your opinion

A "Scratcher/Kitchen Magician" is someone who is Uneducated on proper tattooing technique and sterilization procedures. Do not get tattooed by someone that does not know what they are doing. If so, your put your self at risk for disease and possibly/probably getting a poorly executed tattoo.

7) How should people go about setting up an appointment?

Our studio prefers clients to come in to the shop if possible so we can get a true idea or what your wanting and see the location of where the tattoo is going to be. It helps us out a lot. Or call or email us with very detailed information about the tattoo your wanting. Size, Location on the body, Black and Grey or Full Color, Tone of Skin, reference material of any kind (good quality photos are preferred), or any other information that will help us create a well designed tattoo.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Revolution Ink would like to take each and every person that comes in and gets tattooed, hangs out, and supports us! You guys are the best! You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook all of our info will be below! Thanks!!!


The Studio: revolutioninkstudio

Shane Klos Tattooer: shaneklostattoo

Shad Klos Tattooer: shadklos

Jared Methena Tattooer: kapkom13

Ryder Klos Piercer: ryderklosbodymodifier

Here's a sampling of Shane and Shad's work.

TSMEvansville's Revolution Ink album on Photobucket