By Mike Adams

The world of pop culture has never been able to understand the presence of heavy metal music in the world. This genre of downtrodden has never really found a place in commercial radio, magazines, or television unless it has been glammed up and dulled down. Unfortunately, it seems that the glammed up and dulled down version of heavy music is what most young fans speak of when discussing their favorite breed of metal music. A music where their idols wear eye liner and leather pants while singing half sissy songs about girl troubles and the pseudo evils of growing up without a father. As a fan of metal music I not only find this breed embarrassing, but ultimately phony and absolutely unbelievable. The state of war in the realm of these charlatans and the true heavy metal beasts should be considered at an all time high.

One band doing it’s best to keep the state of war in check here in Southern Indiana is six year metal vets, Deliver Us From Evil. With their 2010 E.P. release “Shall I Rise” (the follow up to their debut Behold A Pale Horse) in their arsenal it seems as if the war has become vulnerable and without much effort at all it could easily become a wild ride on the Armageddon machine.

“We recorded Still I Rise at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with Mark Lewis. We also recently recorded another E.P. with Mark here in Indiana at 77 Studios. Mark has turned out to be one of the biggest producers of metal, recording bands such as Devildriver, The Black Dahlia Murder, God Forbid, Whitechapel, and Daath.” Says Deliver Us From Evil drummer, Alex Morgan.

Having toured all over the Midwest, opening for bands like Daath, Goatwhore, and Sworn Enemy – Deliver Us From Evil has been working at great lengths to further develop their following and build a stronger case for the fans of heavy metal music. “We just picked up management at Full Force Entertainment. We're focusing on tracking new material and then the Tours will come very soon in the future. Our main focus is our Internet presence in media at the moment,” says Alex.

You can catch Deliver Us From Evil LIVE this Saturday, March 24 at The Duck Inn here in Evansville. Also performing will be First Jason, featuring Ari Lehman who played Jason Voorhees in the first Friday the 13th movie.

Doors open at 9pm.

Admission is $5.00

Ages 21 and up only

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