Another battle rages on in The Rocktagon! Listen to these songs and vote for the song you like best. It's Fighting Fate vs Blood From A Stone

Listen to both songs and then vote often for the song you like best. The deadline to vote is 5pm Central Monday.  Remember, your votes determine the winner. The winning band, who stays in the Rocktagon, will be announced Monday night at 6pm and then we'll find out who the next challenger will be. The Rocktagon battle is brought to you by Unspoken Art Studio and Custom Tattooing.

Fighting Fate - "Broken Wings"


(Fighting Fate)

Fighting Fate is an up and coming rock/metal band from a combination of Murfreesboro, TN and Madisonville, KY. They take pride in their original music with heavy riffs and soaring leads. Follow them on Facebook.



Tantric "You Got What You Wanted"


Tantric is based out of Louisville. This track is from their latest album “37 Channels”. Check out their website here.


Blood From A Stone - "Dreamer"

Blood From A Stone hails from the Ft.Wayne area have built a solid reputation with their great live shows. Working with manager/ producer Jeff Rains, the bands debut self-titled EP is set to be released in summer 2014 with the first single "Dreamer" available now here.  Check out the band's Facebook page for more info on them.


Cast your vote below. The voting deadline is Monday at 5pm Central time.



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